Election Contact Center

Fast and Accurate Constituent Services

Election Hotline is a modern contact center solution with tools designed for Secretary of State and Division of Election offices.

  • Meet your voters where they are with an omnichannel solution: Voters can get services using their preferred communications channel - phone call, webchat, SMS, or social
  • Customizable escalation and division workflows to manage multiple departments and use cases
  • Multi-language support
  • Robust reporting ensures that protocols are followed and appropriate services are provided promptly
  • Cloud Based: Can be accessed by staff anywhere (home or the office) - just requires an internet connection and web browser


Provide Greater Access:
  • Omnichannel: Voice, E-mail, Video, Text Messaging, Webchat, & Social media allow users to contact you conveniently via their preferred channel
  • Meets users’ language preference needs: Question and Answer scripts are automatically presented in their preferred language
  • Allows users to switch seamlessly between channels without loss of context. Preserved context results in far fewer abandoned calls
  • Integration with translation services when needed
Connect Users with Knowledgeable and Appropriate Division/Department:
  • Customizable routing to staff by division, geography, language, skills, knowledge, user history, or other criteria
  • Staff can re-assign and refer tickets to other departments or staff when needed
Ensure Timeliness and Accuracy:
  • Pre-load common answers into queryable and searchable FAQ so that staff can respond to questions with division-approved and correct content
  • All required data is collected
  • Reporting & Insights provided out of the box
Improve Accountability and Outcomes:
  • Follow-up to ensure that users get the services and response they need
  • Automated survey customized for your division and requirements
  • Voter responses can be automatically processed, and follow-up actions can be assigned
Decrease Wait Times and Increase Productivity:
  • Unified portal for staff allows them to handle multiple voter questions at the same time
  • Handle high volume through smart routing of calls and messages to appropriate department or staff members and request for courtesy callback or text message back
Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement:
  • Easily monitor and improve with built-in tools for on-going performance assessment of the quality of information provided to users, and follow-up on identified issues.
  • Supervisors can easily update “Question and Answer” FAQs: Pre-load common answers into queryable and searchable FAQ so that staff can respond to questions with division-approved and correct content


Workflow To Ensure Timely and Accurate Calls are Appropriately Handled:
  • Intelligent Routing: users can be routed based on Integrated Voice Response selections, geography, user history, staff availability, and more
  • Single unified screen with tools, user history, and pre-built workflows 
  • Real-time and in-depth analytics on volume, incoming blockage time, abandonment, peak hours for calls, languages used, and numbers of individuals with disabilities
  • Staff effectiveness measures such as duration of calls and time to connect
  • Tracking of top used topics and IVR/webchat/text/etc. menu selections
  • Automatically create recurring reports
  • Export individual records and aggregate data
  • Additional customized reporting by program requirements
Easy to Customize Data fields:
  • Standard data fields pre-created & unlimited additional custom fields available
  • Collect Other Data: User complaints, feedback, compliments and other service related comments/suggestions
Callback Service:
  • Users can request immediate or scheduled callbacks
Call Monitoring and Recording:
  • All calls and messaging can be recorded to assess the quality of agent performance and user experience
  • Use recordings as supporting documentation for transactions
  • Monitor Response Times
Integrated Voice Response Systems:
  • Integrated voice response system (IVR) can provide the initial message and call options through an automated messaging available in English, Spanish and other languages requested
  • Accessible for users using a phone for the deaf: TTY (TeleTYpe), TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf), and TT (Text Telephone)
Schedule and Send Automated Follow-Ups:
  • Collect data with automated, scheduled SMS text surveys
  • Collect data on satisfaction with referrals
Security & Scalability:
  • Highly reliable and secure with 99.9% uptime
  • Scalable and flexible to meet your evolving needs
  • Securely store and transmit data
CRM Integration:
  • APIs for your custom CRM or Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite
Simple Pricing:
  • Contact Center As a Service:  Options for per-seat pricing or per-hour pricing 

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