A project of CommunityConnect Labs that provides SMS, Chatbot and other Digital Solutions for Elections

Provide Trustworthy Answers

Chatbot / HelpDesk

Answers the most frequently asked questions on election issues in multiple languages 24/7.

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This is an example of an elections chatbot, showing questions a user may ask and the responses they would get back.

Threat Alert from Poll Workers

Enable Poll Workers To Report Threats to Safety

  • Poll workers can easily and quickly report threats
  • Collect vital information such as County and location

Preliminary Ballot Reporting

Officials can report preliminary ballot counts

  • Fast and easy way for local officials to report relevant info
  • Info added and aggregated onto your spreadsheet

Directly Communicate With Millions


Rapidly and easily send time-sensitive information via SMS and voice

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Meet the Team

Get the time and services of a dedicated team

Our full services team provides project management, SMS & chatbot expertise, data analysis, QA and account management - to ensure that your election outreach is successful.


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CommunityConnect Labs proved one of our most valuable partners in reaching out to and engaging Virginia's hardest to count communities. The team was incredibly responsive, dedicated, and innovative in approach and played a significant role in our efforts.

Kelly Thomasson
Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia
City of San Jose

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Partner Highlight: Commonwealth of Virginia

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Get Accurate Voting Information Out Quickly

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Voters are hungry for updated information from election agencies like never before.
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Everything you need,
deployed in a matter of days.

CommunityConnect Labs’ solutions are built to meet the operational demands of governments and providers. It’s always scalable, reliable, and secure.

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Fast Deployment

Your solution will be up and running in days. There’s no software to learn, there’s no monthly training. We configure and test all the software for you. You can sit back and just do your normal job.


Easy Changes

Changes are easy and quick. Our system is highly flexible and our implementation specialists are here to make changes to your workflow.  

Price tag

Simple Pricing

Our total solution pricing is simple and predictable.  It includes everything - services, technology and 3rd party SMS fees. And we know that things change, so we don’t nickel and dime you for changes.

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Easy to Integrate

Our modular solutions are designed to be easily customized to fit into your existing workflow - no code needed. Or you can make something fancy with our engineering resources.

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Reliable and Secure

Our enterprise-class security and SLA is trusted by leading government agencies.

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